FUMA ML Gameplay PES 2021 v11 by Twiggy

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FUMA ML Gameplay is an interesting gameplay version for PES 2021. Author Twiggy was inspired by some other gameplay versions and edited and harmonized to perfect this attractive gameplay.

Gameplay FUMA ML - FUMA ML Gameplay PES 2021

1. Features of FUMA ML Gameplay

  • Designed exclusively for the ML game mode
  • Active Defending with interceptions
  • Dribbling that is actually useful
  • Randomness and replayability
  • Less Scripting from the AI
  • Decent fouls
  • The balanced difficulty for FUMA (have chances to score & to concede)
  • Removing passing assist from manual controls, let you pass freely

Features of update ver v11

  • Upgrade from 4.0 version with amazing improvements
  • More tactics for teams
  • Reduce interruptions when acting continuously
  • More realistic, balance between difficulty and experience

2. Download FUMA ML Gameplay PES 2021 v11

In the download file there are 2 versions including:

  • Main version FUMA
  • The FUMA version has a pass assist like in the original gameplay




3. Tutorial install FUMA ML Gameplay PES 2021

– This gameplay tested with original game from steam
– Backup dt18_all.cpk file before installing gameplay
– Recommended game speed is -1 (according to the author’s recommendation)

Method 1: Select the version and copy the file dt18_all.cpk to the path “eFootball PES 2021\Data” (overwrite when asked)

Method 2: Install sider and Gameplay Loader. Then copy the “common” folder to the “eFootball PES 2021/sider/content/gameplay-loader” path. Start the game via the sider, open the control panel with the space button and find the Gameplay Loader. Then select FUMA ML gameplay.

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FUMA ML Gameplay PES 2021 v11 by Twiggy
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