PES 2006 Downgrade Patch is a patch with a nostalgic experience of the legend of PES 6 but based on the graphics and gameplay of PES 2021 with full faces, kits as well as scoreboards, 2006-2007 tournament system.

1. PES 2006 Downgrade Patch Overview

  • All menu interfaces, game plans, background music are synchronized with the PES 6 theme.
  • Logos, names of teams, squads, tournament players according to PES 6.
  • Full Faces, Kits, Stadium, mods like Adboard, Scoreboads, Turf, … in the pre-configured sider package.
  • Language packs as well as commentary supporting multiple languages ??(English, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Mexico)
  • Suitable for PES 2021 Steam version as well as CPY version ([email protected])
  • Full of game modes like PES2021 like Master League, BAL,… but with PES 6 theme
  • Compatible with Data Pack 7.00.

2. Real experience PES 2006 Downgrade Patch

The first feeling when opening the game is great with the intro and sound effects when interacting with the menu like the legendary PES 6 game.PES 2006 Downgrade Patch for PES 2021 PES2006 Downgrade Patch

The player’s Faces system is very complete and accurate.PES2006 Downgrade Patch

Experience the stadium, adboard, scoreboard of 2006:PES2006 Downgrade Patch PES2006 Downgrade Patch PES2006 Downgrade Patch PES2006 Downgrade Patch

World Cup 2006 Germany: PES2006 Downgrade Patch

3. Download PES 2006 Downgrade Patch

a. PES 2006 Downgrade Patch

Total capacity: 4 parts – 10 GB

Part 1:
Part 2: Download Now!
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 1:
Part 2: Download Now!
Part 3:
Part 4:

Pass unzip: foxteam2023

b. Commentary Pack for PES 2006 Downgrade Patch (add-on)


c. FOR STEAM GAME ONLY: the PES2021.exe file helps to change the font color

4. Instructions for installing PES 2006 Downgrade Patch

Make sure your game is updated to Data Pack 7.00

Step 1: Backup original game file (IMPORTANT)

You must do this step to be able to switch between patches or return to the original game if an error occurs. How to backup:

Create a folder “Backup” in the game installation folder, copy 2 folders Download and data into the folder just created.

PES 2006 Downgrade Patch for PES 2021

The same goes for the save file in the Document folder.PES 2006 Downgrade Patch for PES 2021

Step 2: Extract

Put the 4 downloaded parts into the same folder and extract the PES 6 MOD.part01 file (the next parts will automatically be extracted)

Step 3: Copy the files of the patch

  • Copy the save folder in the PES 6 MOD folder that has just been extracted and overwrite the save folder (backup in step 1) of the game in the document.
  • Copy both files dt15_x64.cpk and dt36_g4.cpk and then overwrite the Data folder where the game is installed. Then delete the file dt14_all.cpk  in it because this mod does not use this file.
  • Delete all the content in the download folder in the game installation folder and then copy the download folder of the patch to it. (For the [email protected] game only, copy the DpFileList.bin file in the For CPY only folder)

Step 4: Sider

a) With Steam version game, you just need to turn on Sider in the PES 6 MOD folder to be able to play.

b) With game version [email protected]: change this line in sider.ini in folder PES 6 MOD = "steam://rungameid/1259970"


; = "steam://rungameid/1259970"

Then turn on Sider, turn on the game and enjoy.

So I instructed to download and install PES 6 MOD. If you like this version, please share it with everyone!

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PES 2006 Downgrade Patch for PES 2021
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