Review link4m – Best URL Shortener to Earn Money – No popup – High payouts rate

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Shortening links to earn money is no longer strange to many people. With this article, I would like to introduce Best URL Shortener to Earn Money – Link4m. This is a reputable money-making link shortening system in Vietnam without popup with the highest payouts rate. I will review Link4m and tutorial create account.

Best URL Shortener to Earn Money - link4m

1. About link shortener earn money via Link4m

a. What is shorten link to earn money?

This is one way to earn money online MMO (Make Money Online). What you need to do is share a link that brings value to society and the community. That link will be attached through a link shortening partner to shorten the url. When accessing the shortened url, you will have to see an ad or perform an action to access the target link.
The formula to make money: the partner shortens the link to collect money from businesses that want to advertise. They then share a portion of the profits with you for helping to advertise the product for the business. Products here can be images, text, videos, website visits or specific intangible/tangible products.

b. What is Link4m – Best URL Shortener to Earn Money?

Link4m is a new channel to shorten the link to earn money from Vietnam. Although it has only been established for nearly 2 years, it has grown rapidly due to its outstanding features. Currently, is using this system to have an additional cost of maintaining the multi-channel platform. The main advertising method of link4m is to push keywords to the parties. Users can see the target link after doing a keyword search on google. Then follow the instructions and get the code. Note that any form of fraud will be locked out of the account (for example, changing IP to be done many times…)

Best URL Shortener to Earn Money - link4m

c. Advantages of link shortener earn money via Link4m

  • No annoying Pop-up ads for users
  • The highest commission rate in the market ($25/1000 views)
  • Flexible payment with a minimum pay of 10$
  • Fast payment time (within 12 hours except Saturday Sun)
  • Enthusiastic support via private chat channel (with teamview support for users)
  • Has a professional API system (helps automating link shortening, saving time)
  • Intuitive and transparent tracking system

d. Disadvantages of making money via Link4m

  • There is no mobile app to track, with your phone you still access the web like a computer.
  • The system is sometimes unstable, resulting in customers being able to access the target link without having to enter the code
  • The method of finding the code is a bit time consuming for those who are not familiar, and this method makes it difficult on mobile
  • The number of IPs made during the day is 3 times/IP

e. Compare with other url shortener

  • Link4M: payout rates 20$/1000 views – no popup – 3 times/IP/day
  • Mega Url: payout rates 4,8$/1000 views – pop up – 2 times/IP/day
  • Link1s: payout rates 15$/1000views – pop up
  • Shrtfly: pauout rates 4$/1000views – pop up

2. Instructions for shorten url and earn money via Link4m

a. How do you know if you are suitable for shorten url and earn money via Link4m?

If you have 1 or more of the following factors, you can try your hand at creating an additional source of income.

  • Ability to build and deliver content such as writing articles, recording videos, inspiring voiceovers….
  • There is personal prestige in life, there are many relationships.
  • Your own facebook, tiktok, youtube channel… have a lot of followers or you can post on some private communities.
  • Passionate about sharing value to the community and society and now have a lot of time to do so.

b. Steps to register to shorten the link to earn money via Link4m

Step 1: Visit the following link: (I will support you for a long time when I check your email in the list registered by this link)

Step 2: Click Sign up for an account

Best URL Shortener to Earn Money - link4m

rút gọn link kiếm tiền qua Link4m

Step 3: Enter your name, email, password and confirm password

Step 4: Click Submit

c. Instructions for using the link shortening system

After successful registration, please log in and access the main screen (Dashboard).

At the top is “Shorten New Link”. You just need to enter the link to shorten and then click Shorten link. Then copy the shortened link to share with others.

Review link4m - Best URL Shortener to Earn Money - No popup - High payouts rate

The Statistics section helps you to know who you are with the Link4m monetization system. You will know how much money you have earned by month and by day.

The Top Link section to see which links you share get the most views and make the most money.

Manage links helps you to statistic all the links created through the system

Withdrawal money section helps you create a withdrawal request, you can withdraw via Momo, wire transfer or Paypal with a minimum of 10$. You can edit the withdrawal channel in your profile settings

The Tools section is a system of API Tools, Scripts, mass link creation … to save you time, if you have no experience in this item, please talk directly with Link4m Support

With Referrals you can invite friends to join the system for added value.

Finally, the Settings section helps you change your personal information and update the withdrawal channel

So I have finished introducing the link shortening system to earn money through Link4m. Any questions you can email me [email protected].

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

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