PES 2021 AwayGoals – Modifying the rules of home court advantage

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PES 2021 AwayGoals is a small mod by author Juce to modify the away goals rule for PES 2021. This allows you to change the rules, leading to fairness in matches according to personal preferences.

PES 2021 AwayGoals PES 2021

1. Features of PES 2021 AwayGoals

  • Can enable / disable away goals mode (default after installation will be OFF)
  • Only applicable to PES 2021
  • Note:
    • Just before penalties after extra time, one of the teams may prematurely celebrate as if they have won, although the match is not yet decided. This small error will be improved in the next version.
    • The results table may display “AG” for simulated CPU vs CPU matches. This will also be updated in the next version.

2. Download PES 2021 AwayGoals 




3. Tutorial install PES 2021 AwayGoals 

Step 1: Make sure you have installed the latest sider version

Step 2: Copy the file awaygoals.lua into the modules folder in the sider

Step 3: Add the following line to sider.ini

lua.module = "awaygoals.lua"

Step 4: Go into the game via sider and enjoy!

Please rate 5 stars and always support you know!

PES 2021 AwayGoals - Modifying the rules of home court advantage
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