Indonesia Facepack PES 2021 – National team faces

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Indonesia Facepack PES 2021 is a collection of faces of the Indonesian national team. This is a gift from face-maker Lingga for Indonesian fans.

Indonesia Facepack PES 2021

1. List face of Indonesia Facepack PES 2021

Elkan Baggot
Marselino Ferdinan
Muhammad Ferarri
Ramadhan Sananta
Rizky Ridho
Yakob Sayuri

2. Download PES 2021 Indonesia Facepack 




3. Tutorial install PES 2021 Indonesia national team Facepack 


  • You need to install sider before installing face.
  • Check player id and relink depending on the patch you are using
  1. Copy the folder with the ID (numbers) in the download folder and put it in the following path:
  2. Add the following command in sider.ini
    cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Faces"
Indonesia Facepack PES 2021 - National team faces
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