PES 2021 Dreampatch Febrero 2023 – February version with many updates

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PES 2021 Dreampatch Febrero 2023 is a new version for PES 2021 with major updates after the winter transfer market closes. Currently this is only a beta version. If you are a Dreampatch’s fan, don’t miss this version!

PES 2021 Dreampatch Febrero

1. Main features of PES 2021 Dreampatch Febrero 2023 beta

  • Transfer market at 99%.
  • Updates of some kits.
  • Update adboards in Argentina (league and cup).
  • Update Argentine league menu.
  • Fix mapping scoreboards.
  • Corrections about the sleeveBadge Server.
  • Update flag of the Chilean league tournament.
  • Fix mapping entries promoted Germany.
  • Fix cornerFlag mapping.
  • Fix stadium server mapping (Mallorca stadium problem, Girona for example).
  • Fix lights (ambient light, not luminaires) in some stadiums.
  • Corrections in some Argentine stadiums due to the adboards update.
  • New mini faces.
  • New logos for promoted teams.

2. Download PES 2021 Dreampatch Febrero 2023 beta

a. Main patch (11GB zip – 13,6 GB unzip)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

b. Stadium Server (282 MB zip – 1,82 GB unzip)


3. Tutorial install PES 2021 Dreampatch Febrero 2023 beta

You must have installed version 4.0 and 4.1 previously. If not installed yet, please visit the following article:
>> Dreampatch PES 2021 ver 4.0 and update 4.1

Step 1: Extract the downloaded rar file

Step 2: Copy all Switcher, Dream Patch Sider and download folders to the game installation folder (overwrite if asked)

Step 3: Delete the file EDIT00000000 in the Document folder

\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\{number}\save

Step 4: Open game from the sider inside the Dream Patch Sider folder and enjoy!

By default, this beta installs the default version of the patch (B for Brazil), if you want to use B for Chile you must:
• Open the Dream Patch Switcher program.
• Choose from the dropdown the version that brings the B of Chile.
• Choose “Apply Base Data” to install the base files.
• If you use the patch stadium server, also choose “Apply stadium data”.
• This operation already deletes the edit of my documents.

So has guided you to install the  PES 2021 Dreampatch February 2023 version. Please share it with everyone if you like this version!

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PES 2021 Dreampatch Febrero 2023 - February version with many updates
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  1. I have installed the February update which had problems when it was extracted and the new base update. but why only a black screen that I get? Previously it wasn’t like this when it just updated v4.1

  2. It doesn’t let me download the file, after the captcha the button doesn’t redirect me to the other page (javascriptvoid(0))

  3. I want stadium pack for this patch, but i don’t have an code. So could you send me a link for code for the Traffic1s though the my email account? Thank you for your time!

  4. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well with corrupted Dreampatch_uni.cpk. The kits of new teams (ABC, Mirassol in Serie C Brazil, La Luz, Racing Montevideo in Uruguay, El Nacional in other latinoamericans, Atletico Huila in Colombia, Aucas and Cusco in Peru) are completely white and aren’t available to change. Dear friend, maybe there are some fix for this important part?