PES 2021 Face Relinker – Easy change the PES 2021 face

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PES 2021 Face Relinker is a small mod by author Mohamed2746 that is extremely useful for face mods. The mod is created on the nesa24 Face-Server Mechanism platform. If you are passionate about face mods, this mod is for you.

PES 2021 Face Relinker PES 2021

1. Main features of PES 2021 Face Relinker

  • Quickly change faces for players by relinking id
  • This applies to all game versions and patches

2. Download PES 2021 Face Relinker

  • Modsfire  
  • Sharemods  
  • FilesAdmin  

3. Tutorial install PES 2021 Face Relinker

Note: Requires the game to have the new sider version installed

  • Step 1: Copy the file face-relinker.lua to the Modules folder in Sider
  • Step 2: Write the following line in sider.ini
lua.module = "face-relinker.lua"
  • Step 3: Rename the folder to be relinked to the new ID as needed.

For example below, M.Mount replaces Rashford’s face

PES 2021 Face Relinker PES 2021

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PES 2021 Face Relinker - Easy change the PES 2021 face
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