PES 2021 Referee Whistle Fix

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PES 2021 Referee Whistle Fix regardless of the reason for the mod patch, which leads to the error. This article will guide you to fix it in both ways: add cpk via dpfilelist and via Sider.

1. PES 2021 Referee whistle fix with dpfilelist:

This way is very simple and suitable for those who do not use sider. This way will restore the referee whistle to the default Konami sound.

Step 1: Download the PES 2021 Fix cpk file:



Step 2: Download Dpfilelist Generator (if not already have)

This is software to create dpfilelist files to add mods to the game manually like face pack, tattoo,…

Step 3: Copy the downloaded file Refeere_Whistle.cpk to the download folder in the game installation folder (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\eFootball PES 2021\download)

Step 4: Open Dpfilelist Generator select Check all then select Generate DpFileList.bin

2. PES 2021 Referee Whistle Fix with Sider:

The advantage of this way is that you have 7 options of whistles depending on your preferences. Works via Sider.

Step 1: Download Referee Whistle Fix by SoulBallZ


Step 2: Choose the whistle you like

In this package there are 7 whistle options: Default (default), A, B, C, D, E, F. Please extract the downloaded file and listen to it in the Audio samples folder.PES 2021 Referee Whistle Fix

  • After selecting the whistle you like, open that folder (A, B, C,… your choice), copy the Referee Whistle Fix folder in it to the livecpk folder in Sider.
  • Open the file sider.ini in the sider folder with notepad and add this line and save:
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Referee Whistle Fix"
Complete PES 2021 Referee Whistle Fix tutorial.

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PES 2021 Referee Whistle Fix
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