eFootball FPS Unlocker v3.6.2 by FPS Limit Patcher v2.20 – Improve FPS perfectly for eFootball

eFootball FPS Limit Patcher is the solution to tweak or remove the FPS limit. This eFootball FPS Unlocker tool of Cadi Lillian is improved and used in many versions of Efootball. This greatly enhances the game experience.

eFootball FPS Limit Patcher - eFootball FPS Unlocker

1. Features of FPS Limit Tool – eFootball FPS Unlocker

  • Modify the frame rate cap in eFootball to your preferred value.
  • Toggle VSync on or off for eFootball.
  • Compatible with all eFootball Versions 1.0.0 and above for both Steam and the Microsoft Store.
  • Ensure seamless integration with any eFootball mods – run the patcher after installing a mod to check for any undesired alterations.
  • Optimized for both offline and online gameplay, with ongoing compatibility for future eFootball updates.
  • Requires Windows 10 or later
  • Having an active internet connection is advised but not mandatory.
  • Accessing Update Check and Online Optimization necessitates an active internet connection.

2. Download FPS Limit Patcher v2.20

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  • Sharemods  

2*. Download eFootball FPS Limit Patcher Fast & No-Ads

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3. Tutorial install FPS Limit Tool

  • Step 1: Download, extract, and copy the file eFootball-FPS-Limit-Patcher.exe to the folder below (for Steam version) and run the file
  • Step 2: Enter your desired FPS limit in the New FPS Limit box or select Unlimited FPS to remove the FPS limit. You can disable Vsyne if not needed. Then click Patch button to successfully!

eFootball FPS Limit Patcher eFootball

  • Step 3: Play the game and enjoy! If you liked this content from caocacao.net, please share it with the community!

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