eFootball High Graphics Unlocker v3.5 season 2024 – 3 versions for best graphics

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eFootball High Graphics Unlocker is a mod that improves the graphics quality of the game. This mod helps to remove the limit of the graphics that Konami has set up. By default, Konami will limit the image quality depending on the responsive computer configuration. Mod by author Bogo36 – who specializes in making mods for Efootball 2024

High Graphics Unlocker EfootballIn this article, I will share 3 versions of eFootball High Graphics Unlocker including High Graphics Unlocked, High Graphics Addon, and Ultra Graphics Addon.

1. Option 1: eFootball High Graphics Unlocker

– Removed Chromatic Aberration
– Removed Film Grain
– Removed Vignette
– Removed GrainJitter
– Removed Film Shadow Tint
– Removed Motion Blur completely
– Removed Bloom completely
– Improved Shadows

High graphic unlocked before High graphic unlocked after

2. Option 2: High Graphics Addon

If you have a more powerful PC, you can use this version to further increase the graphics quality. This is an upgraded version of eFootball High Graphics Unlocker. The author mentioned that the game at launch has different graphics than when set up. So this version makes the game more similar when setting up.

– Improved Lightning and Shadows on the Players
– Better Ambient Occlusion on the Players.
– This exe also has FPS Unlocked

High graphic addon before High graphic addon after

3. Option 3: Ultra Graphics Addon

If you want the best possible graphics settings then this is the right choice. Say goodbye to the FPS limit.
– Improved Lightning and Ambient Occlusion
– Huge LOD improvement
– All Cloth Physics enabled
– This exe also has FPS Unlocked

Ultra graphic addon before Ultra graphic addon after
Ultra graphic addon before Ultra graphic addon after

4. eFootball High Graphics Unlocker Download

a. Download High Graphics Unlocker eFootball

  • Modsfire  
  • Sharemods 

b. Download High Graphics Addon

  • Modsfire  
  • Sharemods 

c. Download Ultra Graphics Addon

  • Modsfire  
  • Sharemods 

5. Tutorial install

  • Step 1: Backup file “pc0000_console_win.pak” in (Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball\pak) and “eFootball.exe” in (Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball\eFootball\Binaries\Win64)
  • Step 2: Go to ingame Settings, select Custom Settings and set all Graphic Settings to the highest (except Resolution Scaling, set to 100). Then close the game
  • Step 3: Select version, download and overwrite the file

If you like eFootball High Graphics Unlocker from caocacao.net, please share it with Efootball enthusiasts!

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