Efootball Teams unlocker is the mod worth waiting for those who are passionate about playing offline with friends. Tool is made by Bogo36 and let’s see how to download and install it!

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1. About tool Efootball Teams Unlocker

  • Unlock full teams
  • Tool has Unlocked FPS and Network Disabled to avoid getting Banned.


  • Backup the Original Files!
  • If you want to play online only use the Original Files!

2. Download tool Efootball Teams unlocker v2.4.2




3. Tutorial install tool Efootball Teams unlocker

Extract the downloaded file and copy the file eFootball.exe to the path


2 files “dt250” and “dt251” copy to the path


a. Go to the Training mode, select the 2 teams you want to play, for example, I choose AS Roma and Pau FC and go back to Pitch.

Unlock full team Efootball Unlock full team EfootballeFootball 2023 Teams UnlockerUnlock full team Efootball
b. Quit the Training and data saved into memory of Efootball.
c. Start the match at Trial MatchUnlock full team Efootball Unlock full team Efootball
Now you can play with 2 teams As Roma and Pau FC. You can do the same with all other teams (unlock full teams)

Efootball Teams unlocker v2.4.2 - download & tutorial download If you notice this match has no scoreboard, clocks and cheers from the audience. You just need to exit and re-enter Trial Match (no need to re-enter the training mode) to be able to play a match with full features.

eFootball 2023 Teams Unlocker

>> 2 step check if PC can run game?

Efootball Teams unlocker v2.4.2 - download & tutorial download
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