SonVo Patch for Smokepatch – The latest update for SMK 21.4.5 PES 2021

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SonVo Patch for Smokepatch is an update for SMK 21.4.5 after SMK team announced to stop updating. With many important edits and updates, author Son Vo has helped the PES 2021 community using Smokepatch continue with his passion.

SonVo Patch for SMK

1. Main features of SonVo Patch for Smokepatch

This is an update for those who are using smokepatch 21.4.5
– Latest European winter transfer update 2023
– Season 22/23 kits for all major clubs
– Updated lineup for season 22/23
– Player stats according to Efootball 2023
– Especially, there is a Vietnamese recruitment face shared by Love01010100
– The latest jersey of the Vietnamese team at the AFF Cup
– Update some young players

– The game is compatible with Smokepatch addons and siders
– Do not use with other patches like Evoweb, Dreampatch…

SonVo Patch for SMK SonVo Patch for SMK

2. Download SonVo Patch for Smokepatch




3. Tutorial install SonVo Patch for Smokepatch

Step 1: Install Smokepatch and update to the latest version 21.4.5

Step 2: Download the patch and update the transfer then extract it

Step 3: Run the file SMK_21_4_6_SonVo.exe and select the game installation path, click Extract

SonVo Patch for SMK

Step 4: Delete the file EDIT00000000 in the save folder

Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\{number}\save

Step 5: Enjoy!

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Hope you will like SonVo Patch for SMK from, please share it with the community!

SonVo Patch for Smokepatch - The latest update for SMK 21.4.5 PES 2021
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