eFootball Edit Menu Unlocker – Enable hidden feature from Konami

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eFootball Edit Menu Unlocker (Edit Mode) is the editing mode of the PES/eFootball series. However, the current version of eFootball is hiding this mode. This article will guide you to unlock it!

eFootball Edit Menu Unlocker - Edit Menu eFootball

1. Features of eFootball Edit Menu Unlocker

  • Bring the Edit Menu feature back to the game
  • Apply for the latest Steam game version 2.6.0

2. Download eFootball Edit Menu Unlocker




Password unzip: eFootball23evowebCadiLillian

3. Tutorial install Edit Menu eFootball Unlocker

Step 1: Extract the downloaded file from caocacao.net

Step 2: Copy the entire file to the game installation directory


Step 3: To activate the Edit Menu, run the file ActivateEditMenu.bat, then launch eFootball game.

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eFootball Edit Menu Unlocker - Enable hidden feature from Konami
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