PES 2021 Gameplay X Pro Evolution 3 – New gameplay for a new experience

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PES 2021 gameplay X PRO EVOLUTION 3 is a detailed gameplay version edited by Holland. When experiencing the game, it feels like a slower and more realistic flow.

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PES 2021 gameplay x pro evolution 3 - gameplay PES 2021 x pro evolution 3

1. Tính năng của PES 2021 Gameplay X Pro Evolution 3

  • Slower game speed
  • Specific characteristics.
  • New GK animations (GK save)
  • Play in the strait
  • Smarter game handling
  • Movements without the ball
  • Player movements to close passing lines on freekicks
  • More evident mistakes beside the goal
  • More marked match phases
  • Stamina influences on player shooting accuracy/performance
  • More variety
  • Major stages of study
  • Greater random and unpredictable
  • More strait dribling
  • Possibility of playing inside the opponent’s area
  • More characterized head shots
  • Increased intelligence of com
  • And more….

2. Download PES 2021 Gameplay X Pro Evolution 3

a. X PRO EVOLUTION 3 Version 1.07.01



Onedrive updating…

b. X PRO EVOLUTION 3 Version 1.07.01 không tích hợp Team Spirit



Onedrive updating…

c. X PRO EVOLUTION 3 Version 1.07.01 dạng CPK



Onedrive  updating…

3. Tutorial install PES 2021 Gameplay X Pro Evolution 3

– Only apply this gameplay to the original game from steam
– Backup necessary files dt18_all.cpk, PES2021.exe before installing gameplay

Step 1: Select and copy the file dt18_all.cpk to the path “eFootball PES 2021\Data” (overwrite when asked)
This file helps you to choose the level of the goalkeeper’s ability
– GK 0 = Strong goalkeepers
– GK 1 = Less strong goalkeepers
– GK 2 = Normal goalkeepers
– GK 3 = Poor goalkeepers
Step 2: Replace the PES2021.exe file into the game installation folder (overwrite when asked)
Step 3: Regarding fouls and penalties you have 2 ways
– Method 1 (cpk file): Copy the file FOULS.cpk to the following path “eFootball PES 2021\download” and add it with DPfilelist Generator
– Method 2 (sider file): Copy the FOULS folder in livecpk to the path “eFootball PES 2021\(sider)\livecpk”. Then put this command in sider.ini:

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\FOULS"

Step 5: Enter the game and experience!

So has shared with you the gameplay of PES 2021 X PRO EVOLUTION 3. If you like this version, please share it with the community!

Visit Cao Cacao fanpage to update the latest information!

PES 2021 Gameplay X Pro Evolution 3 - New gameplay for a new experience
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