PES 2021 HOS Gameplay v6 – Limitless enjoyment

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PES 2021 HOS Gameplay is the debut gameplay version of facemaker Hosamalfars. With new experiences and upgrades, v6 of gameplay is truly worth experiencing. Let’s go!

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PES 2021 HOS Gameplay PES 2021

1. Features of PES 2021 HOS Gameplay v6

  • Dribbling system: responsive, effective, and enjoyable skill moves
  • Add L2 manual shield
  • Shooting system: improved R2 (controlled shoot), normal shoot, and loop shoot
  • Now you can power your shoot and score goals you never scored before
  • Improve control of the ball
  • A goalkeeper with a more human-like touch, devoid of anomalous flying angles, and capable of exhibiting contact effects during duels
  • Improve the foul system and contact system
  • Enhance the potency of penalty kicks to strike the ball prior to the goalkeeper’s ability to punch it
  • Improve passing
  • Faster animations and decrease reactions
  • Improve stamina system
  • Improve tackling and sliding
  • Improve double R1 dash (burst speed) to be more effective
  • Improve cursor system – more responsive
  • And much more ..

2. Download PES 2021 HOS gameplay v6




3. Tutorial install PES 2021 HOS gameplay

a. How to install using cpk file

Step 1: Back up the dt18_all.cpk file in the Data folder of the game installation directory.

Step 2: Copy the dt18_all.cpk file from the downloaded rar file and overwrite it in the Data folder of the game installation directory.

Step 3: Launch the game and enjoy!

b. How to install using sider

Step 1: Copy the “PES2023 HOS gameplay” folder from the “sider installation option” to the “livecpk” folder in sider.

Step 2: Add the following command line to sider.ini:

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\PES2023 HOS gameplay"

If you do not have sider installed, you can refer to the sider guide for PES 2021

Step 3: Enjoy!

Hopefully, with this version of PES 2021 HOS Gameplay, you will have more interesting experiences!

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PES 2021 HOS Gameplay v6 - Limitless enjoyment
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